• Board of Directors
    • Executive CommitteeExecutive Director
      • Information Management Committee
        • Database Work Group
        • Decision Tools Work Group
      • Communications Committee
      • Education Committee
        • Planning & Design Subcommittee
          • Senior Advisory Panel
        • Construction Subcommittee
          • Grouting Work Group
          • Construction Practices Work Group
        • Operations and Maintenance Subcommittee
      • Membership Committee
      • Technology and Innovation Committee
        • Design Subcommittee
        • Construction Subcommittee
          • ASBI/PTI M50 Work Group
        • Maintenance and Operations Subcommittee
        • Research Subcommittee

ASBI Organizational Structure

Information Management Committee


Kevin Western

Minnesota DOT
United States
Phone: 651-366-4508

Linda Figg

United States
Phone: 850-224-7400

Ivan Liu

FINLEY Engineering Group, Inc.
United States
Phone: 850-300-7188

John Armeni

Armeni Consulting Services
Chair, Database Work Group
United States
Phone: 770-904-4178

Jan Zitny

FINLEY Engineering Group, Inc.
Bridge Information Modeling Subcommittee
United States
Phone: 420-774-2304 x46