Construction Practices Handbook


Construction Practices Handbook for Concrete Segmental and Cable-Supported Bridges 3rd Edition, July 2019

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This “How-To Handbook” was developed to provide guidance for construction of concrete segmental bridges. Although the segmental construction concept is generally very simple, the construction technology involved is, in numerous ways, more demanding than that required for other types of technology used in the industry. The use of concrete segmental bridge construction continues to grow throughout the United States and Canada. Increased use of this technology has led to a need to provide industry standard information for use by contractors, inspectors, quality control staff, and owners. In the interest of educating the industry, sharing best practices, and standardizing methods, this handbook is intended to provide a basic understanding of segmental construction technology. The overall goal is to facilitate the construction process, avoid common difficulties previously encountered, and reduce impacts to projects. This handbook is intended to be an industry guide aimed at focusing on specific aspects of the technology based on past experience.

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