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Definition of Concrete Segmental Bridges

Requirements for Inclusion in the ASBI Segmental Bridge Database Maintained by the American Segmental Bridge Institute

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Guidelines for Design and Construction of Segmental Bridges for Rail     April 2022

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The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to the industry (owners, designers, suppliers, contractors, and others) on considerations when using a concrete segmental-type bridge to carry rail, including transit rail, heavy or freight rail, and high-speed rail.  To date, most segmental rail projects in North America have been transit jobs and therefore, the guidelines herein are presented with a predominantly transit background.  The current document applies to structures supporting all rail types in general.  This guideline may be amended in the future to incorporate additional considerations for heavy or high-speed rail if warranted.

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Construction Practices Handbook for Concrete Segmental and Cable-Supported Bridges 3rd Editiona, July 2019

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This “How-To Handbook” was developed to provide guidance for construction of concrete segmental bridges. Although the segmental construction concept is generally very simple, the construction technology involved is, in numerous ways, more demanding than that required for other types of technology used in the industry. The use of concrete segmental bridge construction continues to grow throughout the United States and Canada. Increased use of this technology has led to a need to provide industry standard information for use by contractors, inspectors, quality control staff, and owners. In the interest of educating the industry, sharing best practices, and standardizing methods, this handbook is intended to provide a basic understanding of segmental construction technology. The overall goal is to facilitate the construction process, avoid common difficulties previously encountered, and reduce impacts to projects. This handbook is intended to be an industry guide aimed at focusing on specific aspects of the technology based on past experience.

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FHWA Post-Tensioning Assessment Tool

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The following links provide information for risk assessment of post-tensioning tendons:

TechBrief - Metholodology for Risk Assessment of Post-Tensioning Tendons

ASBI 2022 May Webinar Presentation - Metholodology for Risk Assessment of Post-Tensioning Tendons

FHWA Post-Tensioning Risk Assessment Tool

Extract the contents of the zip file to a convenient directory. The 'Notes' folder must be in the same location as the Excel file.


American Segmental Bridge Institute Grouting Committee Interim Statement on Grouting Practices

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The American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) Grouting Committee was formed in October 2000 to provide an industry response to recent problems reported with grouted tendons on four bridges in Florida.

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Design and Construction of Concrete Segmental Bridges

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Segmental concrete bridges are economical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing while providing minimum impact to traffic and the surrounding environment both during and after construction.

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Segmental Bridges Offer Benefits To California

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Durability has become a key issue for state bridge officials as they determine the best design solutions for each unique situation. In California, segmental concrete bridge designs are used in a variety of situations that play to their strengths and offer high durability.

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Concrete Segmental Bridges Retrofit Ends Michigan Moratorium

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Engineers at the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) put a moratorium on designing concrete segmental bridges after a complex project in the 1980s resulted in a major accident during construction. When recently returning to retrofit this and another bridge they discovered the long-term durability that segmental bridges can offer—and they lifted the moratorium.

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TxDOT’s Long History With Segmental Concrete Bridges Continues

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Through the past four decades, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has relied on segmental concrete bridge technology to resolve a variety of key design and construction challenges. Those began in the early 1970s with the construction of the John F. Kennedy Causeway over the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, near Corpus Christi. This causeway included the first precast concrete segmental bridge in the United States.

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