Momentum And Team Chemistry

Editorial by Cliff Freyermuth, Manager, ASBI

Momentum “the big Mo” is an important factor in all sports, as is team chemistry. Momentum and team chemistry are also of vital importance in the construction industry. Considering the geographic distribution and dollar volume represented by projects in the “Project News” of this edition of the newsletter, it appears that segmental construction is doing very well in the momentum department. We expect the upward trend in use of segmental technology to continue in the years ahead. The team chemistry aspect of segmental construction is also developing very well. Some symptoms of this chemistry are reflected in development of new and innovative construction equipment for the San Francisco-Oakland Skyway Bridge, and the Dallas High Five Interchange. A new post-tensioning system was also developed for the Skyway Bridge. ASBI Material Supplier Members have led in the development of anti-bleed prepackaged grouts, and the use of high-energy grouting equipment, both of which greatly enhance the quality of grouting operations.

Research on seismic design of segmental bridges at the University of California San Diego sponsored by Caltrans will provide improved details and give additional momentum to use of segmental construction in areas of high seismicity in the years ahead. Research at the University of Texas at Austin and Pennsylvania State University sponsored by the Texas DOT and the FHWA will further improve corrosion protection technology for future bridges. Penn State is also nearing completion of research sponsored by the Florida DOT and ASBI on traffic vibration effects on grouted tendons.

All aspects of the momentum and team chemistry of the segmental concrete bridge industry will be on display at the November 3-4 ASBI Convention, as described in the convention program enclosed with this edition of the newsletter. Join us in Dallas for an exciting perspective on a rapidly growing component of the construction industry!