Grouting Training/Certification

Editorial by Cliff Freyermuth, Manager, ASBI

In accordance with the action at the October 8 meeting of the Board of Directors, an ASBI Grouting Committee has been formed. The three-fold objective of the Committee as established by the Board is as follows:
1. Prepare an interim statement on grouting practices in response to recent grouting related problems discovered in Florida.
2. Develop and implement not later than November 1, 2001 a comprehensive training/certification program for personnel responsible for supervising and inspecting grouting activities.
3. Prepare a proposed revision of the AASHTO grouting specifications for submittal to AASHTO Technical Committee T-10, Concrete Design, not later than January 2002.

The first meeting of the Grouting Committee was held in Austin, Texas November 13-14, 2000. A copy of the “Interim Statement on Grouting Practices” developed by the Committee is enclosed with this edition of the newsletter. It is the opinion of the ASBI Grouting Committee that implementation of the recommendations in this statement would eliminate grouting related problems such as those that have been found on some Florida bridges. Implementation of these recommendations is considered to represent only a small marginal increase in total bridge cost.

Since publication of the “Interim Statement on Grouting Practices,” Committee membership has been supplemented with six additional members representative of various constituencies concerned with and experienced in grouting practices. The Committee met in Atlanta January 18-19, 2001 in reference to the training/certification program for grouting supervisors and inspectors, and preparation of a proposed revision of AASHTO grouting specifications. The first grouting training/certification class for supervisors and inspectors of grouting operations will be held August 6-8, 2001 at the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory and the Balcones Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The class will be limited to 140 participants. The class announcement, program, and registration information will be distributed in April.