Ramp SW Over I-5, Tacoma, Washington


Atkinson Construction has begun construction of the Washington State DOT’s first precast segmental bridge (Figs 13, 14 and 15). Ramp SW over I-5 in Tacoma’s Westbound Nalley Valley Interchange Project was originally designed by the WSDOT as a steel box girder. However, high steel prices at the time of bid led the contractor to explore the feasibility of a concrete segmental bridge. McNary Bergeron & Associates performed the redesign, which features precast pier segment shells made integral with the columns by a cast-in-place diaphragm. The integral column connection is a key component of the design because of seismic demands.

The 1,060 ft. long superstructure consists of 112 segments, which are being precast off-site using the longline method. The maximum span length is 295 ft. and the deck is 43 ft. wide. Erection will begin in April 2010.

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Washington State Department of Transportation

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McNary Bergeron & Associates

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