The Honolulu Rail Transit Project Honolulu, Hawaii - Construction Update


Honolulu Authority Rapid Transit (HART) is already benefitting from the advantages of precast segmental construction. Precast segmental will provide HART with a high-quality, durable light rail connection between West Oahu, downtown Honolulu and the Ala Moana Center on the island of Oahu. Mostly composed of a two-track aerial structure, the rail system consists of simple span precast concrete segmental bridges. Kiewit began casting the project’s 5,238 segments in early 2014 at an average rate of thirteen segments per day. Because it is segmental, it can be built quickly. The first ten miles will be completed in 2017, and the entire twenty-mile line is anticipated to be ready for service in 2019.

FIGG provided bridge superstructure design services as part of a Design Build Team led by Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. (Kiewit) and HNTB Corporation for the first ten-mile section of this important twenty-mile project. HNTB designed the substructure.

An important benefit of segmental concrete is the fact that it allows the rail line to be constructed while maintaining mobility for vehicular traffic below. That is why nearly all construction will use span-by-span methods and single-column supports. The construction of one of the longest spans, 342' 6", will be accomplished with balanced cantilever methods. The project features unique visual accents that reflect the spirit and culture of Hawaii.

Project Details


Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit

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FIGG / Parkin Engineering Inc. / Somerset Construction Engineers / Buckland & Taylor, LTD

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Thompson Metal Fab Inc.

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