Winona Bridge Over The Mississippi River: Minnesota's First CMGC Project


The existing 1942 historic Winona Bridge carries Trunk Highway 43 over the Mississippi River at Winona, Minnesota, with concrete approach spans and a steel truss main span over the river. A new 2,300'-long parallel bridge is being constructed with a 450' concrete segmental main span that will eventually carry two southbound lanes, shoulders and a pedestrian path. After rehabilitation, the existing bridge will carry two northbound lanes. To accelerate the project, Minnesota DOT utilized the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) method of project procurement for the first time. This allowed construction to move forward under five work packages, eliminating approximately one year from the project schedule. Other unique features of the project include: visual quality meetings with the community to select features such as pier shapes, custom railing, and aesthetic lighting; the addition of struts between the new and existing bridge foundations to enhance the safety of the existing bridge for vessel impacts; and construction engineering performed by the Engineer of Record, FIGG, to streamline the project.

Construction Status
The first three Work Packages are complete and Work Package 4 is ahead of schedule by approximately two and a half months. A mild winter allowed casting to continue in the segmental main-span unit (Unit 3). Cantilever 11 is complete with the form travelers removed. Only two cantilever segments remain on Cantilever 10 as of March 11, 2016. Deck forming operations are progressing in Unit 2, a cast-in-place deck supported on MN63 precast, prestressed beams, with the deck pour scheduled in mid-April. Casting the barriers, installing lighting, modular joints and pedestrian railing, applying surface finish, and miscellaneous construction operations will occur over the summer months and lead to a traffic opening as early as Labor Day.

Project Details



Engineer of Record:



Ames Construction, Inc.

Segmental Construction Engineer:


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