Calgary West LRT Design-Build Project, Calgary, Alberta


In November 2009, the City of Calgary awarded the $700-million Calgary West LRT Design-Build Project to SNC-Lavalin Constructors (Pacific) Inc. Since the start of construction in March 2010, SLG – a joint venture formed between SNC-Lavalin Constructors (Western) Inc. and Graham Construction for this portion of the work – has been rapidly completing the elevated guideway of the new, 8km light rail transit line that will connect Calgary's downtown core with communities to the west. The West LRT’s elevated section is a first in Calgary and adds to the city’s skyline.

The West LRT Project consists of elevated, at-grade, tunnel, and trench sections. The elevated guideway section stretches 1.5km from downtown Calgary to Bow Trail (Fig. 14). The construction of the elevated guideway includes working in close proximity to major roadways and alongside and over the Canadian Pacific Rail (Fig. 15); this involves detailed coordination between numerous stakeholders and companies. To date, the elevated section is 60% complete and is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2011. The elevated section is 9.6m wide, the span-by-span section is 1,100m long, and the balanced cantilever section is 212m long.

The elevated guideway consists of 36 piers, one bent structure, and 444 precast segments. Segment production began in April 2010 with seven precast, short-line forms. Segment production will be complete in December 2010.

The precast segments are being erected in place using a launching truss provided by DEAL. Segment erection began in July 2010 and is scheduled to end by March 2011. Both the span-by-span and the balanced cantilever precast segments are being erected with the 110m long truss. Certain sections of the cantilever structure will be erected with a conventional crane. Segment weight varies from 25-54 metric tonnes. Segments are loaded on low-boy trailers and shipped 15km from the precast yard.

The post-tensioning of the superstructure is accomplished with 0.6" strands. DYWIDAG Systems International is supplying their Multiplane Anchorage System 100 and the necessary stressing jacks. The size of the tendons being used for the West LRT Project are 4-0.6", 12-0.6", 15-0.6", 19-0.6", and 27-0.6".

Due to Calgary’s cold winter temperatures, SLG has selected materials suitable for this climate. In particular, the epoxy used in the segment joints and certain launching truss components have been selected to operate at temperatures of up to -15°C.

The West LRT line also includes an elevated, cast-in-place guideway/station (Fig. 16). Hand over to the station contractor, a joint venture between SNC-Lavalin Constructors (Western) Inc. and CANA Construction (SLC Joint Venture), will occur later this winter.

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SNC-Lavalin Inc., MMM Group, and Read Jones Christoffersen


City of Calgary


SLG Joint Venture

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Formwork for Precast Segments:


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Post-Tensioning Materials:



Goodco Z-Tech

Expansion Joints:

Goodco Z-Tech

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SIKA, Symons Dayton Superior

Prepackaged Grout:

Target 1121 Grout

Precast Producer:

Con-Force / Armtec