A Bridge in Harmony with Nature - US 191 Bridge over the Colorado River, Moab, Utah


The last segment for the US 191 Crossing of the Colorado River in Moab, Utah was placed on October 28, 2010. The bridge (Fig. 18) was designed by FIGG and is being built by Wadsworth Construction for the Utah Department of Transportation. The bridge is expected to open to traffic by the end of 2010.

Utah’s first concrete segmental bridge will replace the existing bridge with a new, sustainable bridge built in balanced cantilever to preserve the environment and maintain recreational uses of the river. The community selected a rock texture on the piers and a mineral stain (Fig. 19) for the concrete to blend the new bridge with its canyon backdrop. The twin, 1,025' bridges feature an arching main span of 438' (Utah’s longest concrete span) with only one pier placed in the water.

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Utah Department of Transportation


Wadsworth Brothers Construction

Construction Engineer:

Summit Engineering Group, Inc.

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