US 54 Canadian River Bridge

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is replacing the existing US 54 steel deck truss bridge over the Canadian River south of Logan, New Mexico. The US 54 corridor is a main trucking corridor from Chicago to El Paso with over 50% truck traffic. US 54 also provides access to Ute Lake State Park, the second largest lake in New Mexico, which is popular with water and fishing enthusiasts.

The box girder depth varies from 18'-0" at the piers to 8'-0" at mid-span and at the abutments.

An alignment study with public input led to the selection of a castin- place segmental bridge to minimize impacts to the Canadian River and wetlands, with a long-span design that can be constructed primarily from above with limited access in the deep ravine. The bridge measures 43'-0" in width, with a span configuration of 200' -325'-210' along a constant horizontal curve. The box girder depth varies from 18'-0" at the piers to 8'-0" at mid-span and at the abutments.

The low bid for the new alignment and bridge was Fisher Sand & Gravel. The segmental portion of the project is being constructed by Malcom International, Inc. Currently the final drilled shafts are being installed and the footing for Pier 1 has been constructed. Pier Table 1 should be poured in November and the first segment cast with form travelers before the end of the year. The segmental construction is anticipated to be completed early Fall of 2019.

The new bridge will be New Mexico’s first cast-in-place segmental bridge and first segmental construction since the Big I Project (I-25 and I-40 Interchange) in Albuquerque.

Project Details


New Mexico Department of Transportation



Owner's Engineers:



Malcolm International, Inc.

Construction Engineering Services:

McNary Bergeron & Associates

Construction Engineering Inspection:

New Mexico Department of Transportation

Form Travelers for Cast-in-Place Segments:

Schwager Davis, Inc.

Post-Tensioning Materials:

Schwager Davis, Inc.


D.S. Brown Company

Expansion Joints:

Watson Bowman Acme

Prepackaged Grout:

US Spec NA Grout