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2024 grouting certification training program

April 1, 2024
J.J. Pickle Research Campus
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas

The purpose of the ASBI Grouting Certification Program is to provide supervisors and inspectors with the training necessary to understand and successfully implement grouting specifications for post-tensioned structures.

ASBI certified grouting technician

Individuals who successfully complete the training, provide documentation of three years of experience will receive a certificate as an “ASBI Certified Grouting Technician.” The certificate will be valid for a period of five years and will be renewable at the end of that time through an online recertification exam.

ASBI grouting training certificate

Individuals who successfully complete the Training and do not have three years of verifiable documented experience will receive an “ASBI Grouting Training Certificate.”

ASBI grouting technician certificate

If you have previously taken the in-person Grouting Certification Training and did not have the required 3 years of grouting/post-tensioning experience to submit for the Technician Certificate, but now can fulfill the requirement:

Please complete the Experience Form and email to


Individuals who do not pass the examination will be eligible to participate in the examinations given at subsequent training classes without an additional registration fee.

Florida DOT accreditation

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has accredited the ASBI Grouting Certification Training Course; therefore, individuals who pass the final examination of the ASBI course satisfy one of the requirements for becoming a Qualified Grouting Technician with FDOT. Download the brochure for more information.

Professional engineering development hours

For Professional Engineers, we will provide certificates for seven professional development hours on request for use in meeting Professional Engineering Registration requirements and will be reported to RCEP.

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